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Jessikast — LiveJournal
wundenlocc, bydand
I'm optimistic about having time this year...!

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This letter is about my general preferences - the specifics of what I'd be happy with for each request are attached to my sign up.

I have to have a happy ending. All else is negotiable, but I like to squee and sigh happily at the end of a fic. I can appreciate a poignant ending, but I would prefer not to.

I like tropes, including:

  • Aliens made them do it (Or sex pollen, or a weird aphrodisiac or sex-or-die(-or-wacky-consequences))

  • Someone is a fairy/vampire/alien/werecreature/immortal (and the other character(s) are cool with this/find it sexy)

  • Telepathy, mystic soul bond

  • Genderswap

  • Someone turns into a puppy. Or they adopt a puppy. PUPPIES.

  • Wingfic

  • Someone loses a sense (temporarily!)

  • AUs

  • Clones/duplicates/selves from an alternate reality...

  • ...with whom they have sex

  • Fic from the POV of an outside character (not a MarySue and becoming involved with the characters, but someone from whose perspective it's really interesting to see the characters we're used to.)

  • First time/getting together, OR

  • "We've been together forever we're practically (or actually) married, WE HAVE EACHOTHER'S BACKS" (equally applicable to a romantic relationship or the team-is-my-family relationships)


  • etc etc.

Oh, and I really like kiss scenes. A beautifully written, toe-curling kiss can be better than the best ten-page sex scene.

On my "oh HELL no" list:

  • Harm to a baby or child - my kid has just turned one, anything in this vein is going to make me cry. (On the other hands if you wanted to incorporate "That's Not My..." books or the Wiggles into a fic, I would laugh like a loon. I have Opinions about the Wiggles now.)

  • Harm to an animal - I do actually check doesthedogdie.com before I watch movies

On my "Hmmm, rather not" list:

  • Non traditional story telling chronology - I like beginning, middle, end in that order - in general. Sometimes it's carried off in a way that tickles my fancy

  • Death-fic, unless it's going to turn into a vampire or ghost type fic.

  • Stories where characters are being stupid because it's needed to advance the plot (I guess I have a "communicating like sensible human beings!" kink)

  • Things which trigger embarrassment squicks.

Validate my existence
Pretty much all I use my dreamwidth/lj for any more is yuletide. I'm not
signing up this year, on account of being 90% certain that I wouldn't
actually have time to sit down and actually get things written.

(Consuming media? Not a problem. Baby only naps on me during the day. I'm
watching lots of TV. CREATING media? Hahaha no. I'm excited when I'm able to
do the dishes; anything beyond that is an unlikely bonus.)

Look at this face. Is this the face of someone who wants to let mummy do
yuletide? No, no it's not. X-D
Validate my existence
And it's that time of year again!

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